Saturday, June 9, 2012

Serba Sedikit Pengenalan

Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera,

Dibawah ini terdapat serba sedikit info yang boleh dikongsi kepada rakan-rakan semua mengenai Uinvest.
Jika ada berminat dan ingin bertanya sesuatu mengenai Uinvest, rakan-rakan boleh hubungi saya.

untuk memulakan pendaftaran dan ingin jalan-jalan dan memahami konsep Uinvest rakan-rakan boleh klik di bawah atau rakan-rakan boleh klik di semua perkataan Uinvest yang terdapat dalam Blog ini.

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About Uinvest
UInvest is a legal registered company with an excellent reputation. You can visit one of its offices and see registration documents. UInvest was founded in 2007 and now has over 20 employees and offices in Ukraine and the United States. Over that time $60 million assets have been proceeded among more than 10,000 investors. You can find the addresses of our offices from our presentation at

UInvest is a place where you can become a co owner of a business. Interacting
with the website, you buy shares of enterprises and get dividends on a monthly
basis. You can trade your shares with other investors, buying or selling them in real
time like on a stock exchange.

Ukraine Office

USA Office
The beginning of UInvest
Alex with friends bought a fabrique (material, textile, or type of plant), repaired and sold it. Then they did it again a few times, thus UInvest was invented.

INCA is a market maker that supports liquidity of all shares. It’s a market that works in Uinvest only. They guarantee liquidity of your shares. This means you don’t need to wait until someone buys them. 

How to Invest in UINVEST

Firstly, You shall add your fund to your account by several ways. There are several ways to fund your account:
1. Credit Card 
2. Wire transfer
3. Check payments
4. Liberty Reserve
5. AlertPay
6. PayPal 
I'm recommended you to use Liberty Reserve because it's more quickly and lower fee in transfer payment. (account balance has a gold activate, which means "if the gold is rise up, your balance will rise too, but if the gold is down, your balance will down too)

After that, you choice what kind of projects do you want to invest. Example: Chemical Plant. You should buy the shares. How to get earning by your share?
*Waiting until the price of your share going to rise up. Then you can sold it with higher price (must reachable by market INCA or buyer, you will directly sell your share)Remember value of price always rise and down anytime. This called "exchange"
*Waiting until one month and get your dividend. (Remember UINVEST always set up fee 10% on every dividend)

If the periods of share will get ends, the owner's business will buy back the shares.

How can we sure our fund’s safety?
If a business doesn't go well investors may easily notice it by decrease of 
earnings and share value. Shareholders may sell their shares at that moment, not waiting for the worst scenario. 
Moreover, every business deposits some funds to our account to secure investors' funds in case they fail to pay one day. 
These tools allow us to keep your income stable.

To get certificates mailed from UInvest you should turn on this option here >> Contact Info tab. Please verify your address and chose appropriate option.